Current Projects

Creative Writing Projects...

Bill can be found working on a variety of projects at any given time. At the moment, he spends his free time collaborating with a friend of many years, D. A. Schulz, on a series of short works.

The stories are set in a rich and detailed fantasy world called Eldermasse, where constant strife between the Wizards and the Mages has kept the world’s inhabitants on edge. In some areas, magic is considered not only taboo and illegal, but a curse! In other areas, those with the ability to wield magic live in varying degrees of tolerance along the spectrum of trust and mistrust.

The stories focus on the lives of ordinary people thrust into the most extraordinary circumstances. The reader follows the harried experiences of the common people, many of whom are not that different from themselves, as they strive to win out against impossible odds. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes they don’t. It is a world of magic and merchants, monsters and mayhem, wizards and wonders. Eldermasse: The World of Common Heroes.

  • The Siek Comes to Town
  • The Prophet’s Harvest
  • The Siek Rides the Storm
  • The Prophet’s Long Arm
  • The Siek Heralds an Age