Creative Services & Rates

Level I – Fix the GUMS

This is the basic “no frills” option. It provides a thorough review and repair the material’s errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, word usage, and general mechanics of the writing craft.

Rate: $2 – $4 per page


Level II – Fix the GUMS and Readability

This service provides a thorough review and repair of grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling errors. It also provides a review of the content to improve the overall readability. Often the writer knows what s/he wants to say, but ends up writing something that doesn’t exactly hit the mark in terms of clarity of message. This level of editing looks for those areas where the message gets lost and provides a line-level edit to improve clarity.

Rate: $5 – $8 per page


Level III – Comprehensive Edit

This service provides the Level II services above, but goes a step further to work directly with the author to edit for style and story. It reviews the material with an eye for ensuring a complete story is being told and makes suggestions regarding word and event choices to increase the story’s intensity. The intent is to not only fix the GUMS and readability, but to go a step further and help the author improve the work as a whole. It considers the author’s unique voice, the nature of the story, and the completeness of character development and story arc.

Rate: Negotiated (typically, $10 – $15 / page)

How it works

All payments are made via PayPal or Cashier’s Check. To learn how this works, go here.