How It Works

The rates vary based on the level of effort required to complete the type of editing requested. The author will send the first 8 pages of their manuscript (about 2,000 words) to be reviewed. The work must be formatted with 1″ margins, double-spaced, and use Times New Roman 12 point font. MS Word, Apple Pages, or PDF format is required. If a PDF is sent, it will be converted to MS Word or Apple Pages (author’s choice) for editing.

These first 2,000 words will be reviewed and the level of editing selected will be applied. This will determine how much effort is required to edit the complete work. The fewer errors and required corrections of the original material, the lower the per-page cost will be. Material with significant errors in grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling (the GUMS), will increase the per-page cost.

The length of time required for editing varies with the number of corrections made, but on average a Level I or II edit of material will take 10 business days per 100 pages. A Level III edit will, generally speaking, take 15-20 business days per 100 pages. Quality work takes time.

The edited excerpt will be returned to the author with a quote for the cost per page. There is no charge for this first 2,000-word edited excerpt. If the author likes the edited excerpt and wants to move forward with the editing process, only then will payment be required. Payment information will be included with the returned excerpt.

Level III editing will, naturally, include a phone interview with the author to get an overview of the story and a sense of anything specific the author is looking to ensure gets addressed during the editing process.

Payment is made via PayPal or Cashier’s Check.

To begin the process, please fill out the form below.